29 sep 2022

Toine Horvers Rotation 5


kunstenaar     Toine Horvers
datum            zaterdag 1 oktober
tijd                19.00 - 19.30 uur
locatie            dak van Block C 


Rotation 5 (tour)

I never questioned myself about the psychological or political effects of my work, but since the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, my performances with the wind-directions appear to me as metaphorical for unlimited physical and mental space. 
I decided to perform one of those works Rotation 5 at as many as possible locations, prefeberally in acustically more or less interesting public spaces. 
Rotation 5 is one of the works from a series that came in being after my meetings with sufis in Instanbul in 2015. 
The performance takes 25 minutes and does not need any equipment, there is just me and my voice. 

I slowly rotate on my axis, calling out the words north, east, south, west at the moment I pass those directions. During following rotations I call out the names of the four wind directions in (till now) 65 languages.

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