20 sep. 2020

Susanne Kriemann Publicatie MNGRV

 publicatie MNGRV

 nylonsnoon and polymerday

polymers and nylons were collected during the day of the 14th and till noon on the 15th of March 2019 in the mangrove habitats of Pengudang Telok
Sebong Bintan, Indonesia. Many dear thanks to Iwan Winarto, Aidil, La Halim, Tando, Madun, Amet Zulkipli, Kasmadi, Sabri, Izwar, Sigit and Sarinah, Rawiyah,   Hayati, Aidah, Rosminah.

100% of the proceeds of the publication are donated to support their efforts to       maintain the livelihood of the mangrove habitats in their village.

polymer ad nylonsoon are available from 10,00 per edition. You are welcome to  pay more if you are able to.

graphic design: Dongyoung Lee